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The organic society and the "Massenmenschen" | integrating young labour in the Ruhr Mines; 1945-58. Roseman, Mark 1990

Bruno of Cologne and the networking of the episcopate in tenth-century Germany Forse, James H. 1991

Agrarian individualism in North-Western Germany, 1770-1870 Brakensiek, Stefan 1994

'A Game of Cat and Mouse'? | dismantling for reparations in the British Zone of Germany 1947-1950 Farquharson, John 1997

Catholic conservatives in the Weimar Republic | the politics of the Rhenish-Westphalian aristocracy, 1918 - 1933 Jones, Larry Eugene 2000

Violence between civilians and state authorities in the Prussian Rhineland, 1830-1846 Brophy, James M. 2004

Threatened protestants: Confessional conflict in the Rhine Province and Westphalia during the nineteenth century Ayako Bennette, Rebecca 2008

Nationalism, racism and propaganda in early Weimar Germany | contradictions in the campaign against the "black horror on the Rhine" Roos, Julia 2012

Womans´s honour and the black shame | coloured frenchmen and respectable comportment in the post-World War I occupied Rhineland Boonstra, John 2015

The german catholic diaspora in the Second World War Brodie, Thomas 2015

Hans-Ulrich Wehler | a tribute Breuilly, John 2015

Constructing "Brasilia am Rhein" : National Architecture and Urban Identity in Bonn in the 1960s Sadow, Samuel L. 2017

Heimat as a Geography of Postwar Renewal: Life after Death and Local Democratic Identities in Cologne, 1945-1965 DeWaal, Jeremy 2018

Exhibiting Work in Germany - From Industrial Labour to (Industrial) Culture Kritter, Sabine 2019

The Race to Forget? Bi-racial Descendants of the First Rhineland Occupation in 1950s West German Debates about the Children of African American GIs Roos, Julia 2019

The History of Medicine Meets Labour History: Miners´ Bodies in the Age of Industrialization Bluma, Lars 2019

Herring Trade, Quality Controls and Diplomacy in Cologne in the Fifteenth Century Brunmayr, Nicolas 2020

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