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Heimat as a Geography of Postwar Renewal: Life after Death and Local Democratic Identities in Cologne, 1945-1965 DeWaal, Jeremy 2018

Womans´s honour and the black shame | coloured frenchmen and respectable comportment in the post-World War I occupied Rhineland Boonstra, John 2015

Agrarian individualism in North-Western Germany, 1770-1870 Brakensiek, Stefan 1994

Threatened protestants: Confessional conflict in the Rhine Province and Westphalia during the nineteenth century Ayako Bennette, Rebecca 2008

Nationalism, racism and propaganda in early Weimar Germany | contradictions in the campaign against the "black horror on the Rhine" Roos, Julia 2012

Herring Trade, Quality Controls and Diplomacy in Cologne in the Fifteenth Century Brunmayr, Nicolas 2020

Violence between civilians and state authorities in the Prussian Rhineland, 1830-1846 Brophy, James M. 2004

Catholic conservatives in the Weimar Republic | the politics of the Rhenish-Westphalian aristocracy, 1918 - 1933 Jones, Larry Eugene 2000

'A Game of Cat and Mouse'? | dismantling for reparations in the British Zone of Germany 1947-1950 Farquharson, John 1997

Constructing "Brasilia am Rhein" : National Architecture and Urban Identity in Bonn in the 1960s Sadow, Samuel L. 2017

Exhibiting Work in Germany - From Industrial Labour to (Industrial) Culture Kritter, Sabine 2019

The organic society and the "Massenmenschen" | integrating young labour in the Ruhr Mines; 1945-58. Roseman, Mark 1990

The german catholic diaspora in the Second World War Brodie, Thomas 2015

Hans-Ulrich Wehler | a tribute Breuilly, John 2015

The Race to Forget? Bi-racial Descendants of the First Rhineland Occupation in 1950s West German Debates about the Children of African American GIs Roos, Julia 2019

The History of Medicine Meets Labour History: Miners´ Bodies in the Age of Industrialization Bluma, Lars 2019

Bruno of Cologne and the networking of the episcopate in tenth-century Germany Forse, James H. 1991

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