TitelAlbert Oehlen - Woods near Oehle
VerantwortlichReto Thüring ; Box: Designed by Thomas Barnard and Reto Thüring ; Catalogue: Designed by Thomas Barnard ; Book: Edited by Christopher Williams ; Poster: © Albert Oehlen ; Vinyl and score insert: A_Alarm_A, A_Solo_A composed by Michael Wertmüller, String quartet: Sonar Quartett, Electronics/voice: Thomas Mahmoud
Autor/in Thüring, Reto
Künstler/in Oehlen, Albert
Komposition Wertmüller, Michael
Herausgeber/in Williams, Christopher | Barnard, Thomas | The Cleveland Museum of Art
Medientyp Schallplatte
Publikationstyp Musikalia
Erschienen 2016
New Haven ; London
Yale University Press
InhaltThis multimedia boxed set presents a sweeping look at work by pioneering German painter Albert Oehlen (b. 1954), one of the most energetic and significant artists working today. Deeply influenced by literature, music, film, and graphic design, Oehlen's paintings are the result of a complex layering of methods, subject matter, and viewpoints. This distinctive set contains a catalogue of the winter 2016/17 exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art as well as an anthology of texts and images edited by Christopher Williams, a poster, and a vinyl record with a new work by composer and musician Michael Wertmuller, reflecting Oehlen's singular approach to art-making and the collaborative nature of this publication. Exhibition: Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA (04.12.2016-12.03.2017)
AnmerkungenBox set consists of 5 items placed inside a box (32 x 25 x 2 cm), including a catalog of the exhibition (72 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm), an untitled booklet (47 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 26 cm) that's an anthology of texts and images by Christopher Williams, a vinyl 45 RPM record and a score insert with a new work by composer and musician Michael Wertmüller and a poster
UmfangBox set: 1 Buch (72 Seiten), 1 Heft (48 ungezählte Seiten), 1 Poster, 1 Schallplatte incl. Partitur
Raumsystematik 05114 Krefeld |
Sachsystematik 841070 Künstler |
Schlagwörter Oehlen, Albert | 28
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